I offer a wide range of services that will help you tap into the huge opportunities that the Spanish market offers. If you need any more advice or would like to enquire about any other services, please feel free to contact me.

Games and app localisation

With ample experience in the games localisation industry that spans 15 years, including 5 years in the localisation department of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, I can localise all you game assets, from manuals to UI files and scripts for any platform: PS4, Xbox One, DS, PC, iOS, Android, social media, etc. I can help you provide the best user experience in Spanish that will keep players engaged and can also optimise your store text so that more customers find your game or app!

Marketing and advertising

Do you have some marketing/advertising material that needs to be adapted to the Spanish market? I can help. As I'm sure you know, this type of content does not work if translated literally, as often it relies on the cultural and other common knowledge of the audience, as well as other techniques, such as the use of humour or puns. My excellent knowledge of the different nuances of the Spanish language and culture aspects and my linguistic creativity mean I can produce content for you that will resonate with the audience, keep them engaged and present the right image for your brand.

Website localisation

As many reports indicate, customers are more likely to make a purchase in a website that is in their native language. Given this fact, it is only natural you would want to localise your website in order to reach more customers and grow your business in Spain. I can help you localise the content so that it will increase exposure and highlight the benefits and value of your products and services in a way which engages customers, builds trust and ultimately leads to more sales.

IT and software localisation

Do you have a piece of software or IT content that needs localising? Do you need someone with language but also technical skills? I can help you localise computer programs, user interfaces, technical manuals, cloud tools and any other type of IT-related content. I am extremely passionate about IT and new technologies, and you can count on my technical expertise to successfully localise your product in Spanish.


Whether you are releasing internal content to keep everyone in the company updated about the latest developments, training material for staff or external content, such as press releases and brochures about your company, I can help you produce engaging text that will resonate with your audience and portray the right image for your company.

Travel and tourism

As someone who loves travelling, I am very passionate about the travel and tourism industry. I can help you translate travel guides, brochures, promotional material and any other type of travel-related content, producing texts which are informative but engaging and appealing to the target reader at the same time. Tap into the Spanish market, connect with a wider audience and increase your customer base in this competitive industry.

Transcreation and copywriting

Content marketing is one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools nowadays. I can create quality content in Spanish tailored to your target market that will help you increase your audience and sell your products or services to millions. I have got years of experience adapting successful campaigns for companies such as Sony, Astor Cosmetics, Harrods and Cointreau. And if you need transcreation for a slogan or advert, I will work with you in every step to ensure your brand values are communicated in the most effective way.

SEO, keywords and ads

Getting your SEO right is crucial for any business. You could have the best product or service, but if nobody knows, you will be missing out on a huge opportunity. I can research the keywords that work for your business in Spain, optimise your content to take your website to the top of the search engines and write effective, compelling ads that will get you more clicks and, ultimately, lead to more sales.

Cultural advice

Do you want to access the Spanish market but are unsure where to start? Or perhaps you have arranged a business meeting but feel anxious because you're unfamiliar with the business etiquette? My excellent knowledge of the Spanish market and culture means I can advise you on any aspect, from the little but crucial things such as how to greet your business counterparts or how to dress for a meeting, to how to negotiate successfully in Spain or what works (and doesn't!) in the market.

Business interpreting

Do you have an important event and you need Spanish interpreting services? Are you meeting Spanish-speaking business prospects? Or perhaps you are giving a presentation to a Spanish audience? I will take the pressure off by advising on how to approach these situations and will be by your side on the day to ensure your message is communicated in a professional and effective manner.