About me: Silvia Ferrero

I am a professional English to Spanish translator based in Manchester (UK) with over 14 years' experience in the translation and localisation industry. As well as being a qualified translator, I have an interest in marketing, advertising and culture, and I am very passionate about helping companies grow and succeed in foreign markets. I believe that quality translation is not just about words, but bridging the gap between languages and cultures. My linguistic skills and cultural knowledge can help you reach your target audience and truly communicate with them in their own language. To put it simply, effective communication that helps you grow.

Silvia Ferrero Spanish Translator

Speaking about the cultural dimension in
games localisation at the ITI Conference




I have a special interest in creative and business translations that convey your message in a culturally-relevant way whilst keeping the spirit of the original. Whether it's localising a website to help a client penetrate the Spanish market, adapting marketing communications, localising a videogame in order to provide an immersive experience or using my copywriting and transcreation skills to devise a whole new marketing campaign, I engage with the target audience and bridge the linguistic and cultural gap whilst maintaining the spirit of the original to help you grow your brand and reach more customers.

  • Fields I work in:
  •   ✓ Videogames
  •   ✓ Marketing and advertising
  •   ✓ IT and software
  •   ✓ Website localisation
  •   ✓ Business
  •   ✓ Travel and tourism
  •   ✓ Transcreation and copywriting
  •   ✓ Multilingual SEO
  •   ✓ Cultural advice
  •   ✓ Business interpreting for
    high-profile events

Satisfied customers

I regularly produce content for some of the best-known translation agencies and private companies in the world, from large videogames studios to drinks manufacturers, printing companies and even football clubs.

With the team at Iberica Manchester preparing
for the press launch event with Michelin-starred
chef Nacho Manzano, who I interpreted for


I joined the Localisation team of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in 2003, where I worked in-house for 5 years, whilst working as a freelance translator in my spare time. It was an enriching experience, which made me even more passionate about helping companies communicate effectively, so after that time I decided to concentrate on running my own business, collaborating with translation agencies and helping some of the best-known companies grow their presence abroad. I also set up my own company, MediaLoc, which offers a wide range of services and languages to companies. I also speak at numerous events and conferences, and I am a guest lecturer at several UK universities.


  •   ✓ BA in English Studies with French and German
  •   ✓ MA in Translation
  •   ✓ Course in Audiovisual Translation
  •   ✓ Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting
  •   ✓ Member of the North-West Translators' Network
    and former Chair for 7 years
  •   ✓ Guest lecturer
  •   ✓ Regular speaker at conferences and industry events
  •   ✓ Published author and blogger

Networking at the ITI conference

A few examples of the +100 games that I have helped localise over the years:


Some publications and conferences I have undertaken:
  ✓ "The importance of culturalisation in the user experience", TIGA Localisation, QA and CS Summit
  ✓ Social media for translators workshop, NWTN Boost Your Tech Day
  ✓ "The cultural dimension in games localisation", ITI Conference and Localization World conference.
  ✓ "The rules of the game", The Linguist magazine.
  ✓ "Child's Play?", Fun4All conference.
  ✓ "Lost in Translation", Develop Magazine.
  ✓ "A Sustainable Approach to Videogames Localisation", ITI Conference.
  ✓ "Linguists' Practices", NWTN Newsletter.